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"THE MASS"; A rock group taking various forms since 1974, originating in Miami, Florida, and lead by MICK FAZZ a high energy guitarist, singer, songwriter. A band in which I was fortunate enough to have been both lead guitarist and sound engineer for on seperate occasions. Signed to MCA records in 1981 with the release of "IT'S WHAT'S INSIDE THAT COUNTS" recorded at Chris Squires (YES) studio in London England.

late mass

a mass reunion march 3, 1997

mike barone 

early mass

critical mass info 
11/74:Jim Treffinger,Albert Swartz,Dom Fazzolare,Mick Fazz

4/75:Albert Swartz, Dom Fazzolare,Mick Fazz
6/75:Albert Swartz,Mick Fazz,Mike Barone
6/77:Albert Swartz,Mick Fazz,Emilio "Bruno" Martinez
7/77:Albert Swartz,Mick Fazz,Bruno,John Dass Late
7/77:Albert Swartz,Mick Fazz,John Dass,Tom McWilliams
8/77:Mick Fazz,John Dass,Tom McWilliams,Henry Laplume
9/77:Mick Fazz,Tom McWilliams,Henry Laplume,Gary Roberts
10/77:Mick Fazz,Tom McWilliams,Gary Roberts,Al Swartz
12/77:Mick Fazz,Tom McWilliams,Al Swartz,David Bacon
1/78:Mick Fazz,Tom McWilliams,Al Swartz,Frank Prinzel
4/78:Mick Fazz,Al Swartz,Mike Barone
9/78:Mick Fazz,Mike Barone,Henry Laplume,Dave "Big Bird" Owen
1/81:Mick Fazz,Mike Barone,Henry Laplume,Frank Prinzel
2/81:Mick Fazz,Henry Laplume,Frank Prinzel,Tom Vazquez
End Miami Critical Mass
4/82:Mick Fazz,Dave Owen,Jimmy Patterson,Frank Patterson
4/83:Mick Fazz,Henry Laplume,Mike Barone,Jimmy Fiano
7/83:Mick Fazz,Henry Laplume,Mike Barone,Frank Patterson
7/84:Mick Fazz,Henry Laplume,Dave Owen,Bruno,John"Lucky"Luciano
7/85:Mick Fazz,Henry Laplume,Dave Owen,Mike Barone
10/88:Mick Fazz,Dave Owen,Jimmy Patterson
10/93:Critical Mass splits
Note:Orlando Mass line-ups were not continuous as the Miami versions were. Start dates do not mean previous line-ups ran to that point. There were many periods where no Mass existed at all.
Compiled By Mick Fazz

I'll be updating "THE MASS" section as time permits HOME
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