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Need voiceovers, music, voice mail greetings or
  video production and need it now?  We can help!
    Composer/Engineer Frank Prinzel, a musician for 30 years with professional audio and video experience will create original music tailored to your needs. Frank has extensive experience in audio engineering, working as both a live and studio engineer. Frank has worked at major recording studios with recording acts such as Stevie Nicks, Expose', Don Johnson, Betty Wright, and numerous local talents. As both a musician and engineer Frank has the experience to create, produce and mix a professional quality product.

    Frank currently works as a multimedia specialist / videographer for City of St. Petersburg's television station W35AJ-TV. Frank arranged and co-wrote the musical score for " St. Petersburg, All Natural Ingredients " the City's premiere promotional video. Frank has also written, engineered and produced the theme song and the opening video for " City Journal  " the City's weekly magazine show as well as the Stations I.D. Theme Song and numerous presentation and ambient & background musical scores.

    AV911 can supply you with professional voice over talent! Frank Prinzel and Yolander DeRobertis can compliment your musical score with the voice over quality that will complete your project in a clean professional manner. We can also do voice characterizations for colorful ad and presentation copy that makes an impression.

Why you should use us.
Here's the skinny;

  • We have no expensive overhead.
  • Unlike other voice-over talent we write and produce original music and have

  •    extensive experience in both audio and video production.
  • We're just now establishing our own business and we need you too!
  • We guarantee professional results at amateur prices.

  • Help, I need it now!

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