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Need voiceovers, music, voice mail greetings or
video production and need it now?  We can help!
Radio Ad
Radio Ad
Radio Ad
Elec. Guitar Boogie, - Original Music
Acoustic & Slide "Feel", - Original Music ((stereo)) 200k
MIDI sample RPG game type,- Original Music
MIDI sample, Contemporary Background - Original Music
W35AJ Television's Theme Song - Original Music
MIDI excerpt of "Lenny" by  Stevie Ray Vaughn (a favorite)
Radio, Television, Commercial advertisement, 
Presentations (Power Point*), Gaming, Industrial, commercial, & home videos. you name it we can do it! 

Multiple formats available: 
VHS, SVHS, 8mm, Hi8mm, Beta, & 3/4" Videotape 
*available online via e-mail!   

Help, I need it now!

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